About Us

Silverleaf is based in Houston, Texas and is the result of many years of experience in recruiting and hiring as an employer and many years as a candidate on the job search.  In both situations, always thinking, this can be done better.


Hi!  I'm Jessica Baker, Founder of Silverleaf.  Thank you for taking time to learn about us.  I started Silverleaf after many years of my own personal experience as a job seeker and also after most recently owning my own healthcare business. I understand the frustration as a job seeker - sending out resume after resume, filling out online applications and just waiting for the right opportunity to hopefully come along.  I also understand the frustrations as an employer, business owner and manager. Spending endless hours and money seeking, recruiting, hiring and retaining good talent.  I always believed that this process could be done easier and better...and then Silverleaf was born!  When I'm not busy helping you guys out, I spend my time doing lots of running, traveling the world and enjoying our great city.